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Dr. Nancy Ferrel, M.D.
Board Certified Emergency Physician

 I  have been a Board Certified Emergency Physician for over 25 years.  Since 2005, I have practiced Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. I  have treated thousands of patients with aches and pains including those  with sports injuries, back and neck problems, work-related injuries  (such as tendonitis, over-use syndrome, muscle strains, etc.) and those  that just “over did it” on the weekend or on their vacations. I  have always tried to give the very best of care to my patients in order  to promote health. I started exploring more natural products that could  help my patients relieve their pain.
For years it has been known  that narcotic pain medications all carry the serious risk of addiction.  However, lately, the FDA has issued warnings regarding the amount of  acetaminophen in these medications as being linked to liver damage. Additionally,  it has been known for several years in the medical community that even  over the counter pain medications are not free of potential risks. 

The  FDA has published warnings for all of the anti-inflammatory medications  (ibuprofen, naproxen etc). They all carry the risk of increased dangers  of sudden heart attack. Also, they are well known to increase risk of  stomach ulcers, internal bleeding and with long term use the problem of  potential damage to the kidneys. Furthermore, the over the counter  pain pills that contain acetaminophen have the same FDA warnings as  their prescription counter parts as possibly causing liver injury. my  patients and the aforementioned side effects, I started exploring more  natural sources for pain relief. I discovered My Dab products quite by  accident.  I was given a sample to personally try.  When I used the  product I was amazed at the relief I felt in a matter of moments. The  relief lasted from 6-12 hours. The fact that it is all-natural is a  major plus. I have subsequently recommended My Dab™ products to many of  my patients. They consistently report back to me that they love the  product. It has helped them cut down (and in some cases, totally  eliminate) their need to take OTC and Prescription pain medications. In  my opinion, My Dab™ products are some of the best topical pain relief  products I’ve ever used and I will continue to recommend them to my  patients.