Howie Thompson,


My Name is Howie Thompson.  I have been a  soccer and basketball coach for 35 years.  I played competitive  softball and basketball into my mid 50's.  I coached soccer until I was  64 years old.  I have two complete hips, and a complete knee, and just  recently  had to have an amputation of my right leg below my knee.  Pain has been  an every day occurrence for me for over 20 years.  


Recently  I met a women named Phyllis who introduced me to this new product that  was suppose to relieve pain of almost any kind.  Obviously, after years  of using Bio Freeze and Max Freeze that would relieve my pain as well as  a myriad of drugs prescribed  by Physicians who were trying to relieve my pain, I was skeptical at  best.  I have a new prosthetic that has caused pain in my stump, my  calf, and my quad.  I also had back pain that a local P/T could not  relieve.


So  you can imagine my surprise when I used this product on all my area of  pain, including foot numbness.  NO MORE PAIN.  Instantly on my back, and  stump and calf muscles as well as after three days on my quad.  I was  blown away.  I could not believe this  white creamy substance could alleviate pain I have had for 20 years.  I  have encouraged friends to contact Phyllis and order this product.  It  is truly revolutionary.  If you don't believe me ...Try it and be  amazed.  Contact me via Face Book anytime.


Howie Thompson

Certified Athletic Trainer for 10 years

3 time Best Author on The Beach, North Myrtle Beach, SC

Author of 8 Books

NSCAA Regional Coach of the Year 2000,2001 and 2002

NSCAA National Coach of the Year 2002

3 Different State Sportsmanship Awards for Youth Soccer

Who's Who in Teaching and Coaching 2003 

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Tanya L.

 I  just want to thank you so much for introducing me to the Solace ointment  for my consistent painful migraines.  I keep this in my car and by my  beside table.  I have found nothing else over the counter that I have  been able to apply to numb/ease the pain in my head an neck area.  Over  the past couple months I have very rarely had to take my migraine  medication prescribed by my neurologist that would make be loopy and  unable to function.  And the other product that athletes love is the  Swing Lube ointment.  I keep one in my camera bag that I bring to the  kids sporting events.  When a player gets injured or pulls a muscle they  apply it to their injured area and the pain melts away.  It’s not just  for golfers but also for basketball, lacrosse and football players too!I  am so grateful to have met you and for having the opportunity to test  out your product.  Cannot thank you enough!  It feels great to not have  to take a prescription medication and just be able to apply Solace to my  temple and neck area for instant relief! 

Kristy S.

 I recently tore a muscle in my  stomach. It was VERY painful. As a result of constantly hunching over, I  pulled a muscle in my back as well. My brother-in-law had a bottle of  Active™ and offered it to me to try. The relief was immediate. It helped  a great deal on my road to recovery. 

Mark T.

 I love to play golf, but often have  back problems that really affect my game. My buddy gave me some Swing  Lube™ to try because he said he had a lot of luck with it. I was really  surprised at how well it worked. 

Shawn S.

 I’ve  had some problems with a repetitive motion injury in my left shoulder. I  tried a sample of Active™ and it really helped a lot. I got my wife to  try it as well. She gets knots in her back muscles underneath her  shoulder blades. It’s funny (to me, at least) because she is constantly  leaning against the corners of our walls to try to work the knots out.  This technique had mixed results at best. She asked if I’d rub some of  it on her back, so I did. She said it was a HUGE relief and really  helped her sleep through the night. 

Watch Out for Dangerous Medications for Golfers

 Do you struggle with joint or back pain? You're not alone,   in fact two-thirds of golfers reported having some type of joint pain   or stiffness within the past 30 days. Look, as you get older it is inevitable... your body   starts to show signs of "wear and tear" resulting in pain and   discomfort. The places you feel it the most are usually in your lower back,   shoulder or maybe your knees. These symptoms can really reduce the joy of playing   golf... Pain can quickly IMPACT your game in 3 simple areas: • Reduces your range of motion, throwing off your   swing mechanics • Affects your distance, due to lack of power • Interrupts your focus, as your thoughts are not on   your shot, rather your pain Heck, even the slightest "pain" from a muscle   strain or tightness to a joint causes a direct "IMPACT" on your   game. For example, if you take your eye off the ball while you   swing what happens? Odds are you blade, chunk, hook, slice or even   "whiff"... regardless 9 out of 10 times it's gonna be a bad shot!   Now, I think it is safe to say if you're distracted by a   "catch" in you back or knee, the same resultis going to happen as   when you take your eye off the ball (NOT GOOD). So in most cases, eventually golfers resort to popping   handfuls of unhealthy and harmful pain-relief pills like Advil, Aleve,   Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Motrin or Tylenol. Taking these medications can eat   away at your stomach lining and cause serious damage to not only your   kidneys and liver... but your entire digestive system. The danger is very real. According to a report in   Postgraduate Medicine, more than 100,000 Americans are hospitalized each year   from complications using nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like Aspirin,   Advil, Aleve, Ibuprofen or naproxen... making them very dangerous... causing   ulcers, severe stomach bleeding and intestinal trouble. I hate pain as much as the next guy, and I know from   experience when your joints torture you with chronic pain it's easy to mask   it with over the counter pain pills. However when you calculate the side   effects and percentages with all the damage you are doing to your body... the   question remains, "Is it worth it'? The answer is NO... Especially when there is breakthrough alternative that is

SAFE and NATURAL yet FAST-Acting.

It truly will HELP rebuild and soothe your   aching joints allowing you to play pain free golf and a better life to-boot! Check out what this breakthrough can do for your game...